Invisible City

Location: Unknown
Attendees: Limit 60
Anniversary: 5 Years
Culture: Creative Retreat

A private retreat co-creating a nurturing environment that facilitates community, human connection, and artistic expression.

Let us take the lead on a new format of a music and arts festival. In fact – this isn’t a festival at all – it is a collaborative venue for self-expression set in an ever-changing  location in the vast wilderness. This is an escape from day to day. A continually evolving Invisible City, with its blueprints set in the stars.

Here we have the opportunity to share our creativity with reckless abandon. We are an inspiring community of participants, each contribution just as important as the next. It’ll be what we make of it, and we’re ready to make magic. Trust yourself to follow a new path and see where it takes you.


It began as a spontaneous trip to the Alvord Desert.

Then it grew into a community of like-minded friends providing each other an outlet for creative expression. Resources are pooled together to create stellar meals, performances, workshops, wellness, and pretty much whatever the heart desires. Being one of the core leaders of this group, I have found a passion project that allows me to marry my love for events, music, documentation, and design into an event that happens every summer. This is not for profit, this is simply for fun.


The location is always a mystery.

Every year the lead production team sets out to find a new location to host our event. This gives us the opportunity to try something different and keeps us in our roots as a boutique gathering not bound by a venue. This also keeps our community engaged and inspired to bring something new each and every time.

With the impermanence of life, we are learning to be more present.