Cosmic Camry

VR Experience, Audio Production, and Design

Toyota tasked our team to come up with an experience that would blow the minds of festival attendees as they sit inside of the new Camry. We developed the Cosmic Camry Road Trip where guests enjoyed a multi-sensory VR journey across an alien planet.

Client: Toyota Camry
Services: VR Experience, Sound Design
Agency: dotdotdash

I was commissioned to create the soundtrack for a traveling VR experience. Over the three minute road trip, four alien landscapes and traveled through portals to reach each new environment.

Songwriting & Production: Andy Sonwell, Jt Lindsey, Zak Nelson


VR Experience

Working with the interactive team at dotdotdash we conceptualized an otherworldly experience that brought guests across an alien landscape. The experience began in in a cave and moved from environment to environment by passing through a series of portals. We built 3D assets in C4D and brought them into Unity.