Corona – Okeechobee

Hammock Hangout Dome & Pylon

Corona’s brief was to come up with ways to promote their brand with a soft touch that festival goers would be receptive to. The solution was to invent the Hammock Hangout Dome, complete with a bar in the center. I worked with the Escape Collective team to fabricate the designs – we did every facet of the project – from cutting and welding all of the metal to sewing the custom printed cover and producing the event.

Client: Corona Extra
Services: Creative Direction, Art, Fabrication
Agency: Escape Collective

Design Process

Printed Dome & Pylon

As a supplement to the vibe of the area, an art piece was commissioned and the Illuminati Pylon was born. This laser cut metal structure was designed with festival goers in mind. The piece was filled with battery powered LED’s to create a wonderful night time visual beacon.