AND1 – ComplexCon

Robot Arm Basketball Hoop & Court

This year at ComplexCon, dotdotdash teamed up with one of the greatest streetball brands in history: AND1. No expense was spared as there was a prop of old 80’s and 90’s television sets playing original AND1 mixtapes, a hot dog cart courtside (that was actually T-shirts), and a robotic basketball hoop!

Client: AND1
Services: Creative Concept, Illustration
Agency: dotdotdash


Personify the AND1 Man

A staple of the classic AND1 brand is the trash talk t-shirts. AND1 had been on a hiatus for almost a decade and our team was tasked with coming up with a way to make a comeback at ComplexCon 2018. Our solution was to turn the trash talking t-shirt into a trash talking basketball hoop that was controlled by a robot arm and give the MVP players a rowdy court to remind the audience who the original street ball brand really is.