Goodbye Gravity

A multi-channel advertising campaign for adidas shoe partnership with the International Space Station.



Winter Bumbleland

Details Igloo Experience Guests inside the 360° projection mapped igloo were prompted to craft their own unique snowflake by poking an icy hexagon on screen. Upon floating their hands over the kiosk,…

Corona – Okeechobee

Corona’s brief was to come up with ways to promote their brand with a soft touch that festival goers would be receptive to. The solution was to invent the Hammock Hangout Dome, complete with a bar in the center. I worked with the Escape Collective team to fabricate the designs – we did every facet of the project – from cutting and welding all of the metal to sewing the custom printed cover and producing the event.

Escape Collective

Co-Founded by Andy Sonwell in 2013, Escape Collective is a lifestyle brand that began as friends before business partners. Their mission is to promote escapism through creative practice driven by curiosity and adventure.

Beyond Luxury

LE Miami is a luxury hospitality conference designed to infuse networking opportunities with a vibe that allows attendees to let down their guard and develop more personal connections.

A series of deconstructed geodesic dome parts, colorful acrylic panels, real foliage, neon, and programmable LED’s brought the show floor to life in a moody aesthetic uniquely inspired by Miami Beach.

Corona Electric Beach

The team at Escape Collective was tasked with making a statement for Corona’s Electric Beach at Insomniac’s halloween event, Escape Psycho Circus. Our answer was to design and fabricate a 35′ skull head dome unlike anything that had ever been done before.

Invisible City

A private retreat co-creating a nurturing environment that facilitates community, human connection, and artistic expression. Let us take the lead on a new format of a music and arts festival. In fact…

AND1 – ComplexCon

This year at ComplexCon, dotdotdash teamed up with one of the greatest streetball brands in history: AND1. No expense was spared as there was a prop of old 80’s and 90’s television sets playing original AND1 mixtapes, a hot dog cart courtside (that was actually T-shirts), and a robotic basketball hoop!