Charge It!

This rhythm based mixed reality experience was created to market the newest Mastercard technologies, tap-to-pay and one-click web purchasing.

Rush Seeding Kit

Strategy Conceptual Direction This seeding kit told a narrative around the product attributes of RUSH with a combination of reflective, and heat-reactive materials. Participants were prompted with light to place their hands…


Process Projection Pyramid The North Face aimed to create an immersive environment for press and consumers in New York City that honored the brand heritage, positioned TNF and FUTURELIGHT as the future…

Goodbye Gravity

A multi-channel advertising campaign for adidas shoe partnership with the International Space Station.

Winter Bumbleland

Details Igloo Experience Guests inside the 360° projection mapped igloo were prompted to craft their own unique snowflake by poking an icy hexagon on screen. Upon floating their hands over the kiosk,…

Corona – Okeechobee

Corona’s brief was to come up with ways to promote their brand with a soft touch that festival goers would be receptive to. The solution was to invent the Hammock Hangout Dome, complete with a bar in the center. I worked with the Escape Collective team to fabricate the designs – we did every facet of the project – from cutting and welding all of the metal to sewing the custom printed cover and producing the event.

Escape Collective

Co-Founded by Andy Sonwell in 2013, Escape Collective is a lifestyle brand that began as friends before business partners. Their mission is to promote escapism through creative practice driven by curiosity and adventure.

Beyond Luxury

LE Miami is a luxury hospitality conference designed to infuse networking opportunities with a vibe that allows attendees to let down their guard and develop more personal connections.

A series of deconstructed geodesic dome parts, colorful acrylic panels, real foliage, neon, and programmable LED’s brought the show floor to life in a moody aesthetic uniquely inspired by Miami Beach.

Corona Electric Beach

The team at Escape Collective was tasked with making a statement for Corona’s Electric Beach at Insomniac’s halloween event, Escape Psycho Circus. Our answer was to design and fabricate a 35′ skull head dome unlike anything that had ever been done before.


As Creative Director at the fitness startup Fitwall, I worked directly under the CEO and CTO to build the look and feel from the ground up across all mediums.