Invisible City

A private retreat co-creating a nurturing environment that facilitates community, human connection, and artistic expression. Let us take the lead on a new format of a music and arts festival. In fact…

Cosmic Camry

Toyota tasked our team to come up with an experience that would blow the minds of festival attendees as they sit inside of the new Camry. We developed the Cosmic Camry Road Trip where guests enjoyed a multi-sensory VR journey across an alien planet.

AND1 – ComplexCon

This year at ComplexCon, dotdotdash teamed up with one of the greatest streetball brands in history: AND1. No expense was spared as there was a prop of old 80’s and 90’s television sets playing original AND1 mixtapes, a hot dog cart courtside (that was actually T-shirts), and a robotic basketball hoop!