Charge It!

This rhythm based mixed reality experience was created to market the newest Mastercard technologies, tap-to-pay and one-click web purchasing.

Rush Seeding Kit

Strategy Conceptual Direction This seeding kit told a narrative around the product attributes of RUSH with a combination of reflective, and heat-reactive materials. Participants were prompted with light to place their hands…

Goodbye Gravity

A multi-channel advertising campaign for adidas shoe partnership with the International Space Station.



Escape Collective

Co-Founded by Andy Sonwell in 2013, Escape Collective is a lifestyle brand that began as friends before business partners. Their mission is to promote escapism through creative practice driven by curiosity and adventure.

Escape Goods

Process Design & Fabrication Working closely with Kara Sonwell on the sewing patterns and fabric designs we landed on a series of 6 unique sublimation-print hammocks. We also developed a knot-free roping…


As Creative Director at the fitness startup Fitwall, I worked directly under the CEO and CTO to build the look and feel from the ground up across all mediums.

Invisible City

A private retreat co-creating a nurturing environment that facilitates community, human connection, and artistic expression. Let us take the lead on a new format of a music and arts festival. In fact…