Bumble – Snowchella

Coachella day party event production and design

For a party hosted by Bumble I was tasked with creating a 3D winter wonderland environment to be projection mapped to the interior of an igloo dome. I worked in tandem with another developer to create two networked apps. One where the user would use a leap motion to create their own custom snowflake.

Client: Bumble
Services: Creative Direction, Environmental Design, Event Production, UI/UX
Agency: dotdotdash


Igloo Experience

Guests were prompted to craft their own unique snowflake by poking an icy hexagon on screen. Upon floating their hands over the kiosk, a Magic Leap hand tracking device would magically turn their hands into Bumble knit gloves. With every successive poke the snowflake would grow. Once they were done with their snowflake they could throw it up to the night sky where it would explode into millions of colors on the projection mapped dome.